Novak Djokovic being the awesome person that he is.

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►Castle& Beckett [6x23] | Losing Your Memory

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So the first wedding was Castle and Beckett’s dream wedding. The second wedding was the fandom’s dream wedding. And next season we get the real one. Third time’s the charm, again.

I like this a lot.

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Ruggedly Awesome Man


Ruggedly Awesome Man

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I want to see how many Mentalistas there are here and get to know more people in our tumblr fandom!



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*cough* awards for nathan too *cough* 

Oh God we don’t praise Nathan Fillion enough for his acting. He is just as good as Stana, but his role is a tad bit different. His character is this goofy, playboy-ish, cocky, father-figure writer with a dark side. It’s such a complex character and almost nobody seems to remember that because we’re all so focused on Beckett (because, let’s face it, Stana is a fucking amazing actress).

But Nathan, man…geez! Throughout this entire episode, I could FEEL Castle just trying to keep it together for Kate, so he wouldn’t let her down, so he wouldn’t lose her or worry her, while still trying to stay positive and making a few quips here and there to lighten the mood. It’s like, he’s THAT believable that the fucking worry was radiating off him.

And do you guys remember that scene in Target? The one where he’s questioning that guy and his voice and face are just deadly serious, like he’s about to snap any second? Do you also remember that he WASN’T EVEN NOMINATED FOR A FUCKING PCA FOR THAT PERFORMANCE? LIKE DAFUQ? THAT WAS BRILLIANT!

And every time Beckett’s life is in danger, there’s Castle, ready to fuck shit up to protect her and Nathan plays that so well. Even when Castle’s worried about himself—like in the 3XK episode last season, when he was worried for his own life and capturing Jerry Tyson. ALL THE AWARDS for that fucking episode.

Castle is one of the most complex characters on this show and a lot of people just see him as this goofy writer guy, when he is so much more.

Nathan Fillion is fucking phenomenal and fucking complements Stana Katic with his acting (and the reverse is also true) and while both are great acting on their own (Firefly and FLO, anyone?) together they are a kick ass duo and I just think Nathan should be appreciated just as much as Stana is because he gives us a whole fucking lot on this show.

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